“The tale is extensive about how I gave her 600k without publicizing it online” – Responses emerge as a video depicting a woman who gifted Eniola 600k surfaces online. (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Yet another video has emerged online featuring Sultan, who goes by the name Eniola.

The woman who posted the video shared that she encountered Eniola at the Nigerian Cake Exhibition, where Eniola did makeup for her model. She expressed surprise at witnessing such a remarkable transformation by this talented artist.

The lady in question gathered more than 600k to help set up Eniola, believing she was female, only to discover later that Eniola is a male.

The question arises: where has all the money donated to him gone, and where is he keeping it? It’s bewildering that someone who received 600k is still found selling bottled water on the roadside.

I believe it’s high time Nigerians inquire about what exactly she needs because it appears she requires something known only to her. Despite the assistance from various organizations, she seems discontented.

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Social media reactions:

Davidoo_028: “Honestly, this girl is wild 😂 She’s been deceiving all these women about her gender 😂😂.”

Chukwudibobo: “No one has a valid reason to be there; just use a cable to flog her or him on the neck. This one is doing Yahoo people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

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