“We Wey Get Two Leegs No Join Cultiist Na Jigan With One Leeg Wan Dey Fly”– Watch The Video Of Jigan Babaoja With His Colleagues That Got People Talking

Written by fazazy39

Jigan Babaoja has caused a significant online reaction after a video surfaced of him sharing a unique handshake with a colleague at an event. The video showed Jigan engaging in what appeared to be a fraternity handshake, raising questions among online viewers.

The prevalent query is how Jigan Babaoja, who has one leg, became initiated into the fraternity.

Concerns have been raised about how he would handle potential issues in the future, considering his mobility challenges, let alone surviving them.

While joining a fraternity might not seem like a major issue, there are often broader consequences in every aspect of life.

To gain a better understanding of the unique greeting in question, you can watch the video below.

Take a look at the reactions from netizens regarding Jigan Babaoja’s video below:

  • Shola_blade: “Are you all asking if disabled people can be in a cult? Has he disclosed what caused his disability?”
  • Dikoly_1010: “Maybe he lost his leg in the process of trying to fly like an eagle in the bush. 😂😂😂”
  • Aganrandi: “Lol, Jigan? Are you all underestimating Jigan like he’s soft meat? That guy used to control the entire secondary school. He wore banter and all in school.”
  • Bbulletino: “But the real question is, why is he wearing Zlatan’s chain and acting all high and mighty? This is quite disrespectful to the black race, you know.”
  • Opomulero1: “How do they initiate someone with only one leg? I once saw a beggar in Agege shouting abrakaya 😂 😂.”
  • Pappychulo__: “This guy is busy securing Zlatan’s chain as if he’s clawing onto it. Let him not have to explain too much. 🤣”

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