Davido Arr€st Abu Salami for forgery of signatures, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Written by fazazy39

Several weeks ago, the businessman publicly accused Davido of owing him 218 million naira. He had asserted that he paid the singer for a project, but Davido failed to fulfill his commitment by not participating, resulting in significant financial losses.

He had previously expressed his intention to pursue legal action against Davido regarding the matter.

Recent reports that have gained widespread attention online now suggest that Davido has had Abu Salami arrested on multiple charges, including cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and signature forgery.

Photographs circulating on social media depict the businessman in police custody.

A Twitter user named Otunba, who posted the update, commented…

“Abu Salami, who made false accusations against Davido, claiming he owed him N216M, has now been arrested on charges of cyberbullying, stalking, and signature forgery.”

Check out how internet users responded to this arrest…

@jibiobak commented: “Oppression is a stark reality in this country called Nigeria.”

@bright__r remarked: “I admire this new Davido. Let Very Dark Man handle the talk on the internet, and let’s do the real work offline. ✅”

@crco wrote: “Haha, I called it. You come on a public platform, boasting about your fraudulent actions and how you forged signatures or signed Davido’s signature on his behalf, evidently setting yourself up with evidence.”

Dolaposhelter added: “Let those who rant online come to your rescue now and let’s see it happen. 😂😂🔥”

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