Mixed reactions arise as President Tinubu is seen wearing a high-fashion singlet, titled “Life of a city boy” – Check out the photos.

Written by fazazy39

While most people his age may not keep up with fashion trends, a recent photo of 71-year-old President Bola Ahmed Tinubu reveals that he is not only a politician but also a fashion-savvy individual.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently met with France’s envoy as Nigeria readies to receive the $150 million Abacha loot. During the meeting, he wore a white traditional outfit, showcasing a stylish undershirt that was partially see-through.

Surprisingly, some were in disbelief upon discovering that the former Lagos State governor was sporting a high-end designer tank top.

This particular “High Fashion” brand is the creation of the renowned Nigerian socialite Rahman Jago, primarily attracting a younger demographic with a keen sense of fashion and deep pockets.

Take a look at the viral image of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu sporting the fashionable white tank top below:

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