“Another day for single people to think about their life” – Video of Adekunle Gold and Simi playing like kids in the living room stirs reactions (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Following the viral success of their latest video, singer Adekunle Gold and his wife Simi once again found themselves at the center of widespread admiration for their marriage.

In the latest video, Adekunle Gold and Simi were captured joyfully playing in the living room, appearing to momentarily shed their adult personas.

This follows a period during which numerous individuals expressed their desire for a relationship akin to AG Baby and his wife Simi’s, inspired by the remarkable on-stage chemistry they exhibit when performing together.

In their most recent video, Simi and Adekunle Gold were spotted enjoying their hit song “Look What You Made Me Do” while in the living room.

Nevertheless, the couple enthusiastically embraced their inner child, engaging in a playful game that involved rolling around like youngsters, nearly losing their balance, and even falling onto each other.

Their child, Adejare, observed their antics and eagerly joined in, clearly influenced by her parents’ exuberant play.

Watch the video clip below

Here are some reactions from people:

  • mazitundeednut: Adekunle Gold and Simi are a match made in heaven. No one can tell me otherwise. It’s heartwarming to see couples play and joke with each other; it strengthens their bond.
  • ngozi90100: Adekunle is committed to her. He’s not all over the place. He’s a man, not a boy.
  • derickrose28: Another day for single people to reflect on their lives.
  • regalvee: I can imagine them singing together at home while going about their daily tasks.
  • ola_jumoke_funmilayo: As happy as I am for those in love, I also wish to experience sweet and everlasting love.
  • ug_bby: The day I find love, I’ll probably cry a lot because online folks have been rubbing it in my face.

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