What Naira Marley did when Iyabo Ojo tried to sleeep with him – VeryDarkMan alleges

Written by fazazy39

VeryDarkMan has stirred up online discussions by alleging that Iyabo Ojo attempted to have a romantic encounter with Naira Marley.

In a video, the activist raised questions about Iyabo’s motivations for criticizing Naira Marley and hinted at her daughter’s involvement.

He shared an old video clip of Iyabo receiving a bouquet from the singer, suggesting that their relationship might be closer than what many people assumed.

Additionally, he alleged hearing rumors that Iyabo had intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship with Naira Marley, insinuating that both she and her daughter Priscy were involved in tarnishing the singer’s reputation.

VeryDarkMan went on to criticize Iyabo Ojo for supposedly delaying justice for the late singer Mohbad due to her vendetta against Naira Marley.

He asserted that there was no concrete evidence or case against Naira Marley regarding accusations of bullying or harassment against Mohbad.

These remarks by the online activist sparked a heated debate online, with some individuals supporting his claims and others condemning him for making such allegations.

Following VeryDarkMan’s video, social media was abuzz with discussions and varied opinions on the matter.

Supporters of VeryDarkMan pointed out what they saw as Iyabo Ojo’s alleged hypocrisy, while others criticized him for making unsubstantiated allegations.

See the video below:

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