“Please Help Me To Beg Anty Ramota, I Have Spent Alot On Her”– Man Says As He Beg Anty To Allow Him In After Spending Money On Her (Watch)

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In a TikTok video, a man who resembles Anty Ramota made a plea, claiming that Anty Ramota had received money, food, and other things from him. However, he stated that whenever he visited her, she wouldn’t allow him to enter her place.

The man shared his story and expressed his desire for Anty Ramota to let him in after spending money on her.

The man passionately asked all Nigerians for help in pleading with Anty Ramota to allow him into her place, as he wants her to carry his child in her womb.

He emphasized that he had spent a significant amount on her.

The man appeared quite serious, although the authenticity of the information has not been confirmed as Anty Ramota has not responded. On social media, many users have noted that they look alike and could be a suitable match, given their similar stature as seen in the video shared on Instagram.

Watch The Video Below;

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • Iam_zeus: The kind of nonsense I see from Nigerian bloggers lately is making me consider leaving Instagram or unfollowing all Nigerian blogs and following Asian blogs instead.
  • Choyce_2.rp: What will they give birth to? Asking respectfully 😂😂
  • Mc_barron_official: Ramotive, gather here for Vawulence before our leader sets her ring light finish.
  • Natty________t_: Your family members should settle him; Aunty Ramota is not in the mood yet 😂😂😂😂.
  • Jindho_ushmond: Plus, the blogger that posted it is just full of nonsense. You are all unserious people.Read More: https://gossipinfo.com.ng/please-help-me-to-beg-anty-ramota-i-have-spent-alot-on-her-man-says-as-he-beg-anty-to-allow-him-in-after-spending-money-on-her-watch/

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