Veteran Actresses And Actors Storm Pastor Gabriel Agbala 5th Anniversary (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

The 5th anniversary celebration of Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s church in Ibadan was a heartwarming and joyous event, attended by a multitude of veteran actors. The occasion brought together celebrated actors like Iya Gbokan, Iya Ibeji Omo Araye, Opebe, Otolo, Suebebe, Bankefa, and many others.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, known for his philanthropic efforts, has been a crucial source of support and assistance to these veteran actors during their times of need.

The gathering provided an opportunity for these actors to express their deep gratitude for the remarkable assistance they have received from the generous pastor. His benevolent actions have had a profound and positive impact on their lives.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel has performed remarkable acts of kindness for various veteran actors, including:

  1. Assisting Iya Ibeji Omo Araye, who was battling a stroke, by relocating her to Ibadan, constructing a house for her, and providing her with a car.
  2. Providing essential support and constructing a house for Suebebe, who was facing health challenges.
  3. Raising funds and playing a vital role in completing the construction of Iya Gbokan’s house, ensuring her a comfortable and secure living space.
  4. Raising funds to assist in completing Aunty Ramota’s house, ensuring she had a place to call home.

These acts of generosity and support have made a significant difference in the lives of these veteran actors, and they gathered to express their gratitude during the 5th-anniversary celebration of Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s church in Ibadan.

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