Royal Hug Surprise surprises actor Lekan Olatunji on the movie set after his recent loss of his wife, days after Gistlover raised over 10 million Naira for him

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On the set of a movie, actor Lekan Olatunji was pleasantly surprised by Royal Hug Surprise in a heartwarming gesture. This thoughtful act came shortly after Gistlover had raised over 10 million naira for the actor, who had recently lost his wife.

Sharing a video of the surprise event, Gistlover disclosed that Royal Hug Surprise had reached out to them and organized the surprise for actor Lekan Olatunji while he was on set.

Gistlover wrote, “Royalhug reached out to me yesterday and planned on giving Lekan Olatunji some Royal Hugs surprise today. Mr. Tunji was on set in Ijebu, but Royal Hugs traveled all the way from Lagos to Ijebu just to surprise him and lift his spirits. Royal Hugs, God bless you. Your business will thrive. She also gave him money and said it was a gift from Jeanslover. Mr. Lekan Olatunji, it’s all thanks to Royal Hugs’ work, she’s a wizard 🤣🤣. I didn’t pay for it. God bless her. I am so happy to see him smile again. The hug was much needed. God bless everyone. NEXT!”

Lekan Olatunji expressed his gratitude to Gistlover, Royalhug, and all those who had contributed to the unexpected financial assistance. He thanked them for their generosity and expressed his deep appreciation.

He wrote, “Thank you, Gistlover, thank you, Nigerians, thank you, everyone. Gistlover, you’ve blessed me! Thank you for your mercy. My family and Royal Hugs Surprises, thank you for coming to my aid. God bless your organization. Thanks to my colleagues on set and everyone involved.”

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Naijalegit previously reported that Actor Lekan Olatunji expressed his gratitude to the faceless Nigerian blogger Gistlover, who had revealed that over 10 million Naira had been raised for him. The actor was overwhelmed by this unexpected support and thanked Gistlover and all well-meaning Nigerians.

He mentioned that he had been considering selling his house before Gistlover came to his rescue. Actor Lekan Olatunji took to his official Instagram page to share videos of himself expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the assistance he had received, with over 10 million Naira raised.

He wrote, “I want to say a big thank you for everything! I’m speechless. Gistlover, thank you so much. All Nigerians, I am grateful! You won’t encounter problems, in Jesus’ name. The good Lord will bless all of you! I’m speechless, very thankful. May your secrets remain hidden forever. 🙏🙏 By the grace of God.”

A few hours ago, Gistlover posted a video of the actor and urged his colleagues to check on him as he was going through a tough time. In response, people requested his account number, and within 8 hours, over 10 million Naira had been raised.

Gistlover announced this significant amount raised to assist the actor and expressed gratitude to GLB Nation for their support. They mentioned that there was just 80k left to reach 10 million Naira and believed it would be achieved very soon.

Gistlover wrote, “10 million Naira raised in under 8 hours. As of the last time I checked, we have 9.920 million, just 80k left, and I know by now it will be 10 million. GLB NATION, I salute you. Your support won’t be in vain. Thank you for coming through for @lekanolatunji01. God will never forsake you all. When I say people are different from the crowd, this is what I mean.”

They also encouraged people to continue supporting the actor and shared his account details for those who wanted to contribute. In addition, Gistlover highlighted that apart from monetary assistance, it was essential to check on him and offer job opportunities, emphasizing the importance of supporting the actor during his difficult time.

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