“It was a mistake help me wake him up” – Video trends as Portable ex-signee Young Duu losees liife during “My G” challenge with Trinity Guy (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Following the tragic outcome of singer Portable’s former signee, Young Duu, during Kizz Daniel’s “My G” challenge with comedian Trinity Guy, reactions have been pouring in. The “My G” challenge has been a prominent topic on the internet for a few weeks, and the recent challenge featuring Young Duu and Trinity Guy has garnered attention, albeit for unfortunate reasons.

In the new video, many were impressed by Young Duu’s attire, as it’s not often they see him looking so well-dressed. Initially, things appeared to be going well for singer Young Duu and his bodyguard, Trinity Guy, who was serving as his bouncer, protecting him from enthusiastic fans on the streets.

However, a moment later, things took a turn for the worse as Young Duu accused Trinity Guy of being too aggressive and overly protective, prompting the comedian to ease up after encountering a female fan.

Swiftly, Young Duu’s attention was captured by a fair-skinned lady he fondly referred to as Aunty Toke. As he attempted to engage in conversation with her, Trinity Guy intervened, prompting Young Duu to push him away. Young Duu made an effort to continue the conversation by exchanging contact information with the lady, but Trinity Guy once again took the girl’s phone from Young Duu’s hand and returned it to her.

This action was perceived as an insult by Young Duu, leading to a physical altercation between them. Young Duu ended up punching Trinity Guy until he fell to the ground. In retaliation, the bouncer, Trinity Guy, who claimed he had not been paid, resorted to shooting Young Duu, tragically resulting in Young Duu losing his life.

Watch the video below;

Check out the reactions below:

iamtrinityguy: “Help me wake Young Duu up 😢😢😢😢😢.”

bhadboi_moore: “Look at how handsome he is…Portable used to buy him 2500 Naira clothes before 😂😂😂.”

emma__culate: “My name is Youngii Duu, by name 😹😹😹.”

wf_fundz_: “Youngii Duu is looking fresher than Portable🙈 who said money is everything?? 😅.”

“Youngii Duu is really handsome, he’s captured my heart 😩❤️. It’s like I want to kiss his lips 😩❤️😂.”

sanyeri234: “This guy has killed Youngii Duu 😂😂.”

drenation.tv: “As you have finished Youngii Duu, make sure you wake Mohbad up.”

theycallmearmanykent: “I swear, Young Duu understood English better than Portable 😂🔥.”

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