“Married people are not happy” Tolanibaj gives reason why she might never get married

Written by fazazy39

Tolani Baj, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, recently shared her thoughts on marriage in a candid exchange with a fan named William on Snapchat. She expressed her doubts about the happiness of married individuals, hinting that she might not pursue marriage in the future, sparking discussions among netizens.

Additionally, Tolani Baj has been vocal about the dynamics between Hilda, Ama, and Bohaira, suggesting that Hilda and Ama may have leveraged Bo Hair’s existing fame to elevate their own status in the entertainment world. This revelation has ignited conversations about relationships, influence, and stardom.

Tolani Baj has also been open about her dating preferences, emphasizing the importance of her partner having a passport, as she desires a companion who shares her passion for travel and exploration.

Her podcast companion, Moet ABebe, disclosed her own preference for not dating individuals living on the mainland of Lagos due to her residence on the island.

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