“You allow this old man to dey press you anyhow” – B€droom scene of Destiny Etiko and Uwa Ezuoke causes buzz online

Written by fazazy39

A recent video clip from the movie “Shege Banza” has sparked social media discussions due to a bedroom scene featuring seasoned actor Uwa Ezuoke and renowned Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko.

In this scene, Uwa Ezuoke is shown giving Destiny Etiko a back massage, and she reciprocates by massaging his back as they portray the roles of a married couple.

The video captures their intimate interaction and, at one point, Uwa Ezuoke expresses his desire for intimacy after requesting Destiny Etiko to close the door. This scene has garnered significant attention on social media.

After the bedroom movie scene featuring Uwa Ezuoke and Destiny Etiko, there have been various reactions on social media:

  1. @iam_akeje: “You allow this old man the press you anyhow 😂”
  2. princesmartdon: “Who doesn’t like a good thing? This man likes a good thing SSSSSS.”
  3. mr_alvins: “Drama that didn’t need Tramadol to function, you’re always cooking something different, you are the best.”
  4. sirgodspower: “This man is enjoying himself; he doesn’t need payment for his role at all.”
  5. lam.oliver: “Uwa really enjoyed himself making this movie.”
  6. goodies_btc: “Is this Regina Daniels’ life story?”
  7. neche4069: “I saw this video and what came to my head was Regina Daniels and her husband 😩❣️🔥🔥🔥.”
  8. nwamaifeoma: “Auntie Destiny, he said to close the door, not the chapter 😁. How are we supposed to see the fight you two want to have.”

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