Moment Bobrisky calls security on DJ Chicken for disturbing the whole hotel they were lodged in with noise

Written by fazazy39

A widely circulated video captured the moment when DJ Chicken was reported to the security by Lagos’s prominent figure, Bobrisky, for causing a disturbance among the guests at the Ilorin hotel where they were all lodged.

While they were staying at the hotel in Ilorin, DJ Chicken’s excessive noise began to disrupt everyone else. In response, Bobrisky alerted the security personnel, directing their attention to DJ Chicken’s room and requesting his arrest for causing a disturbance at the establishment.

Other guests also emerged to investigate the source of the commotion. The hotel’s security staff were observed confronting the DJ.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • seun_dreams wrote: “Awww, Mummy of Lagos, but you can confront him face to face…”
  • gg_fabuolu commented: “This is the guy they should be arresting. If the system is indeed working, they should be telling them to arrest him. Secondly, where are all those Islamic clerics in Ilorin who arrest people for offending their deities? Now, Gaybriel has entered your holy land, and you can’t lock him up and detain him there to have his head cleared, 😂😂”
  • gbolahan said: “Bob, you are right on this one. Thank you, my brother ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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