“Pay N100bn Me And Sign Him”– Portable Tell Carter Efe And Others Issue Warning For Wanting to Take Yung Duu From Him (Watch Full Video)

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The controversial street-pop artist Portable is causing a stir online by issuing a warning regarding his association with Yung Duu to prevent any potential interference. In a recent interview, Portable addressed the ongoing disagreement between him and his signed artist, Yung Duu. He made it clear that Yung Duu remains contractually bound to Zeh Nation, and anyone seeking to entice him away from the label would have to meet specific financial obligations.

Nigerian street-pop artiste Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable Zazu, has recently spoken out about the conflict between his record label and his signee, Yung Duu.

In the interview, Portable emphasized that Yung Duu remains a part of his record label, even though there have been talks about Carter Efe signing him. Dr. Zeh, the label’s owner, also expressed his unwavering commitment to retaining Yung Duu at their record label.

Portable disclosed the substantial amount required to sign Yung Duu away from his label.

In the interview, the controversial street-pop artist emphasized that anyone attempting to take Yung Duu from his label would have to settle the financial obligations owed to the label. According to Portable, Yung Duu is valued at N100 billion, which is the price tag for anyone seeking to lure him away from the label.

He highlighted how, in the past, when he took Yung Duu under his wing, he faced insults, but now that Yung Duu’s talents have been nurtured, certain individuals are attempting to poach him from the label. You can find more details in the following article: [link to the article].

Watch the video below;

Fans had various reactions to Portable’s interview. Here are some of their comments:

  • @slimzeehareeke: “This is how Mohbad’s situation started… envy and jealousy.”
  • @oladipsoflife: “Bro, you’re disrespecting my name! I was only looking out for you and YoungDuu, because honestly, you both have a good thing going on as artiste/CEO! I said you’ve done a really good job with him; don’t leave him halfway.”
  • @specialboii_: “If you haven’t watched this to the end and you’re commenting rubbish, you’re foolish. I’ve learned some lessons and gained some sense.”
  • @oluwatimileyin_819: “Olamide and Kogbagidi might want to collect 1 billion from Portable.”
  • @chuddie_cee: “If he doesn’t have a formal contract, is Young Duu still with his record label? Or is it because he saw that the guy is about to become successful?”
  • @atunbiofficial: “Portable has no secrets; he’s still involving Oladips.”
  • @shoes.nsneakers: “Portable isn’t alright. I hope that guy didn’t sign anything. How much did he pay Pocolee, who helped him?”
  • @expensivecomedy01: “You want to sell Young Duu for 100 billion, is he C Ronaldo?”
  • @legit_gram1: “He sent someone away? Portable is a thief.”
  • @kingglory_cd: “We’ll give Portable a beating instead of 100 billion. He didn’t chase him away; foolish Portable, he shouldn’t mess with Warri boys.”
  • @ebukagram: “Portable didn’t handle this well. I don’t support him.”
  • @elblizlamar: “100 billion release clause, set like Gavi and Pedri.”

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