“Haa which Love Love Be This”—Lady nabbed at hospital for faking pregnancy for 9 months, collects millions from boyfriend under guise of medical bills

Written by fazazy39

An elaborate scheme by a young African woman to deceive her boyfriend by faking a pregnancy for nine months has been exposed. The woman’s carefully crafted plan began to unravel when she visited a hospital, feigning labor, only for medical professionals to discover her deception – she had used clothing to mimic a pregnant belly.

Her boyfriend, completely unaware of the deceit, accompanied her to the hospital, expecting to witness the birth of their child. It was during this hospital visit that the truth came to light, unveiling a complex web of lies that had persisted for nearly a year.

According to reports, the woman had successfully obtained a significant amount of money from her boyfriend, amounting to millions, by claiming it was required for medical expenses and other pregnancy-related essentials.

Nevertheless, her audacious scheme crumbled when medical personnel grew suspicious during the hospital visit. A viral video of the incident vividly portrays the dramatic confrontation between the woman and the midwives, who had unveiled her intricate deception.

The video captures the woman on all fours, with her makeshift baby bump, crafted from rags and clothing, laid out on the hospital bed. The midwives are clearly heard questioning her, unraveling the intricate deception she had orchestrated.

At the same time, the unsuspecting boyfriend remained outside, eagerly anticipating the arrival of their purported newborn baby. Little did he know that he had fallen victim to a carefully calculated ruse by his girlfriend.

Reactions from Netizens:

  • @slypromax remarked, “This seems like a Zimbabwean woman. I’ve dated girls like this, with different tricks every day.”
  • @Talkati33677603 questioned, “Did the boyfriend not notice she wasn’t changing clothes or bathing when they didn’t live together?”
  • @subysugy shared a personal experience, saying, “I had a niece in the USA who claimed to be pregnant, and the guy sent her money. She said she gave birth, sent pictures, then posted baby pictures online. You have to be cautious with some women.”
  • @AdeyeyeFrancis7 expressed skepticism, stating, “No one is smart here, but if they were living together or he saw her during those 9 months, how did she pull this off? The story is unclear.”
  • @OnanugaOlamile5 doubted the story, saying, “I don’t believe it. She wasn’t sleeping with her man.”
  • @IgbinsPapi questioned the woman’s actions, wondering if she had gone too far, “Is this a skit? Did she forget when to stop, or is something wrong with her? This gender, I tell you.”

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