“Walahi Na You Dey Enjoy Pass For Movie Industry”– Fans Say As Ayoola Olaiya Having Nice Time With Veteran Actress Remi Surutu (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Veteran Actress Remi Surutu has shared another video from the Alakowe movie comedy series. In the video, Ayoola Olaiya was called by Mama Real Surutu to teach her like he used to teach young ladies. Ayoola Olaiya mentioned he usually taught young women, not older ones.

Remi quickly suggested different teaching styles, and Ayoola eventually took her inside the shop to continue the learning process.

Netizens criticize Ayoola Olaiya for his behavior towards someone’s mother, even though it was for a movie scene.

Some argue that actors should act and enjoy their roles, but others find it inappropriate, especially for an older actress like Remi Surutu.

Watch the video in the article for more context.

Here are some social media reactions:

  • Bymodml: Look at how you’re pressing someone’s mom’s backside 😂😂. Okay, I might as well start acting tomorrow 😂.
  • Young_gold1: Look at him pressing buttocks like that 😂😂. I might need to join this industry.
  • Fajglobaent: I think I should start rehearsing my mom’s script 😅 before they turn it into a movie.
  • Tummybanky6: This woman is incredibly talented 😂😂😂.
  • Kbsuccessadukeade: Seriously, you seem to be having the most fun in the movie industry 🙌😂😂😂😂😂. [Link to the article for more reactions]

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