“Why are they still detaining my brother without evidence, freenairamarley” — Shubomi, Naira Marley’s sister cries out

Written by fazazy39

Shubomi’s sister, Naira Marley, has expressed her outrage upon returning to Nigeria over his imprisonment, deeming it a violation of his human rights.

This comes in the wake of the police’s detention order earlier this month, which included Sam Larry and Naira Marley, while they probed the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. Many Nigerians are fervently seeking justice for the late Mohbad, particularly in light of the singer’s mysterious demise and the evidence linking his former employer, Naira Marley, to alleged mistreatment.

The sister of the musician took to her Instagram story to voice her concerns, suggesting that his detention may be a move to placate the public.

In her own words, she stated, “Keeping someone who willingly returned to help in detention for nearly 30 days, with no charges, no evidence, and no substantial witnesses is a clear violation of his human rights. Detaining him in order to appease social media and internet outrage is senseless.”

She further emphasized, “If you have evidence against him for any of the accusations, charge him! But if you don’t, release him. The investigation shouldn’t take this long.”

Expressing the desire for truth and justice, Shubomi questioned the delay, saying, “We’ve already lost one person, and trying to unfairly accuse another won’t bring about justice 😔.”

While acknowledging the role of God, she offered a prayer that no one should ever experience false accusations of a crime they had no part in, while advocating the hashtag #freenairamarley.

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