“I Dislike her when Mohbad First Bring Her To me,She Change My Son’s Concept Totally, She Did Not Allow My Son to think About Our family At all”— Mohbad’s Father Speak Up Again

Written by fazazy39

Mohbad’s father has made some startling claims, expressing strong disapproval of his daughter-in-law, Wunmi. Reports indicate that he accused Wunmi of using dark magic to control his son, ultimately leading to his demise.

Furthermore, he alleges that Wunmi’s primary intentions revolved around getting him to fulfill her and her family’s needs, including purchasing properties in her name, causing Mohbad to neglect his own father.

He alleged that the late singer’s wife had supposedly spiked Mohbad’s food with sleeping pills whenever she planned to engage in infidelity with her partners, whom he claimed were associated with the Marlian group.

He confirmed that the couple had a traditional marriage, with his family paying dowry for Wunmi. Regarding the white cloth thrown into Mohbad’s grave, he explained that it symbolized her concealing his actions, signifying that Mohbad could no longer expose her deeds.

Mohbad’s father recounted how he used to have his father-in-law’s contact and would occasionally call him to discuss matters between the couple.

However, when he raised concerns about Mohbad’s reluctance to support him due to Wunmi, her father reportedly blocked his calls.

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