“Rejoice with me As I’m expecting 2 boys” – Pregnant lady dances joyfully after scan shows she will have twin babies

Written by fazazy39

After discovering that she’s expecting twins in a prenatal scan, a joyful pregnant woman shared a video on social media to express her happiness.

The expectant mother visited the hospital for a gender and quantity check on her pregnancy. Upon discovering that she was expecting twins, she became overjoyed.

In the viral video, the expectant woman joyfully danced while proudly displaying her ultrasound scan, revealing that she is expecting twin boys. Although her baby bump is not yet visible in the video, she expressed her happiness at the news. Many netizens congratulated her, while some shared their own hopes for similar blessings. Here are some of the reactions from the comments section:

@happiness: “God, that is my prayer. I’ve got 2 girls with 3 C’s and I lost the first one being a boy and now I am having 2 girls. Oh my good Lord, hear my prayers.”

@user7215754558038: “Congrats darling, I tap from your blessings.”

@Realtor Linda: “I tap from this testimony.”

@Lily: “Congratulations, and I claim this blessing. Amen.”

@Iamchilota: “Awwwwwwwn….I just put myself in your shoes. The joy is too much.”

@Lolo with God: “God, please bless me with one. Any gender at all.”

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