“Why your relationship dey break like yam every 6 months” – Concerned fan queries Nkechi Blessing, her response horrifies many

Written by fazazy39

A concerned fan recently received a surprising reply from actress Nkechi Blessing when inquiring about the reasons for her relationships ending after a few months.

As you may recall, there are ongoing rumors on social media that the actress and her young lover have called it quits. The couple, who had been consistently showcasing their relationship on social media, is said to have gone their separate ways despite only starting their romance last year.

Fans who admired their relationship as a source of inspiration have been seeking clarification on the situation.

One fan, named Ayomide, voiced their curiosity by commenting on Nkechi Blessing’s post, inquiring about the recurring pattern of her relationships ending every six months.

Ayomide_mother_of_2 asked, “Everything post weyre that why ur relationship dey break like yam every 6 months.”

In response, Nkechi Blessing wrote, “@ayomide_mother_of_2 those two children go experience worse in Jesus’ name.”

Another netizen, sarampa_, commented, “Nkechi, you should have just responded to her and left her kids out of it. Remember you’re a mom, and you wouldn’t want anyone to involve your boy in anything.”

Reacting to this, Nkechi Blessing responded, “@sarampa_ make God punish you and her as if no one gave birth to me too.”

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