“Can You See The Reason Why I Don’t Like You Now”– Actor Charles Okocha Tells Portable As They Meet, Portable’s Reply Trends Online (Watch)

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A viral video captured a recent encounter between well-known Nollywood actor Charles Okocha and controversial singer Portable. In the video, Charles Okocha explained why he wasn’t particularly fond of Portable, and the singer responded with a humorous comeback.

This interaction has generated significant buzz on social media. -Advertisement- The video showcases the conversation between the actor and the singer, which has been widely shared on various social media platforms.

Charles Okocha explained his reason for not being fond of Portable during their recent encounter.

According to the Nollywood actor, he finds that Portable talks excessively about money. In response, Portable humorously asked if, as a younger brother, he shouldn’t eat.

In his words:

“Shey kid bro no go chop?”

This exchange was captured in a funny video.

Here are some of the comments from social media users regarding the encounter between Charles Okocha and Portable:

  • kinky_vee: “Portable sha looks like a fun person oh. I don’t think he’s that bad. He doesn’t like intimidation or oppression, that’s why he’s always shouting online, which is totally okay before dem collect food from his hand.”
  • timblaze_: “This is literally the last two I expect to see together.”
  • kaywise___: “Werey get response to everything without thinking twice.”
  • ijehhy_glams: “Shey kid bro no go chop.”
  • stackchyna__: “Two crazy combo I love to see.”
  • pbanksdbeatmaker: “Two yaba left escapee.”
  • thekingisrael: “The duo we never wanted to come together.”
  • kelvin_gream: “This one get answer to everything.”
  • bhad_gurl_jay: “Good question o shey kid bro no go chop?”
  • Slim_gal_berry: “I love them.”
  • Teeicedbeautyworld: “Portable no dey fear anybody.”

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