Late Mohbad’s wife accuused of affair with late husband’s female manager and someone in the Marlian house (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A mere two months after the well-known Afrobeat artist Mohbad’s passing, allegations have surfaced that his wife, Omowunmi Aloba, engaged in an extramarital affair with her late husband’s female manager. These claims were made during an interview with Micee, a friend of the late musician, on the contentious pundit VeryDarkman’s platform.

This revelation follows Micee’s earlier Instagram story rant, where he detailed the mistreatment Mohbad allegedly endured at the hands of his wife during his lifetime. According to Micee in the interview, the late Mohbad had a conflict with his manager, Tunde, who had made insensitive remarks about being controlled by his wife. This dispute led to a confrontation between Mohbad and Tunde at Marlians’ house.

Additionally, Micee stated that Mohbad’s manager, who is a lesbian, was involved in an affair with Mohbad’s wife. He claimed that Mohbad had video evidence of this affair, as confirmed by one of their associates. Micee mentioned, “Mohbad went to Marlian’s house; he and his manager, Tunde, had an argument when he told Mohbad, ‘I am not the type that is controlled by his wife.’ They are trying to hide stuff, I don’t want to mention names.

There’s one of their associates, an old manager, he said Mohbad had videos and showed them; the manager would send videos of her engaging in inappropriate activities with his wife.”

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