“No No No This Is Totally N0n Sense”–Video Goes Viral As Private School Proprietress Orders Female Corper To Kneel Down At Her PPA (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A viral video depicts a female corps member facing disciplinary action at her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). The video shows the young lady in her khaki uniform kneeling in an office while receiving reprimands or criticism.

It appears that the proprietor or head of an undisclosed PPA instructed the corps member to kneel down as a consequence for not following her instructions.

The video swiftly garnered substantial online attention, sparking various opinions among social media users.

Some disapproved of the female corps member for complying with the request to kneel down, while others criticized the school proprietress for her actions.

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments from the article:

@official_adags remarked, “Only a Yoruba corper can endure such a situation because they exude a lot of respect.”

@Uncle_Onos criticized the action, saying, “This is very wrong. You know how wicked some mothers can be when they start with ‘we are mothers.’ How can you punish an adult like this?”

@iam_sezu humorously commented, “Sometimes, if you don’t display a bit of craziness, they won’t respect you.”

@iamuyiri expressed concern, “This is serious. I hope the PPA is sanctioned by NYSC because in many of these establishments, corpers end up doing most of the work.”

@Beausteven_blog said, “As for me, I have too much pride, and this can never be me.”

@JoelUdanyi questioned the impact on the students, stating, “What nonsense! And this seems to be a school; how will the pupils ever respect her now?”

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