“If you fight your husband everyday, lots of women are waiting for him outside” Pastor Deborah tells married women

Written by fazazy39

In a recent development, Pastor Deborah Omale has become a focal point of a nationwide controversy due to her straightforward counsel to women in Nigeria. Her words have sparked an intense debate, drawing reactions from various corners of the country.

In a statement that has garnered widespread attention, Pastor Omale recommended that women should avoid engaging in daily disputes with their husbands. She cautioned that such conflicts might lead men to seek solace in the company of other women. She emphasized the significance of providing husbands with peace and contentment, even when facing disagreements or grievances.

Pastor Omale’s message carries a warning: ongoing quarrels and discord could drive husbands away from their homes and into the arms of other women. This blunt advice has left many Nigerians divided on the matter.

In the wake of Pastor Omale’s counsel, there has been a surge in discussions on social media platforms.


truecrimedaniel: “Even if you don’t fight with him every day, there are still plenty waiting for him outside. Cheating is a personal choice; it has little to do with someone else.”

is_glams: “The kind of environment a man creates at home determines what he finds. You can’t create a chaotic environment and expect tranquility.”

dear_hopeee: “So, just because there are other women outside, we can’t complain if he constantly hurts us? These are the enablers of patriarchy, seriously.”

babydoll_sugarcrunch: “Women have options too. It’s not always about a foolish man. Men need to learn how to behave at home and differentiate between home and the outside world. If you make your woman happy, she won’t fight you. Let feelings be mutual. Men need nurturing, and sometimes, a little argument can reset things. They’re easily influenced, which is why you see them leaving their families. Stand up for yourself if needed.”

laviva bae: “Please, stop with this, it’s getting tiresome. What about the things men should do to make their wives happy? It’s always about what women should or shouldn’t do. Are we here just to live our lives to please men?”

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