“The police will soon release Sam Larry and Naira Marley as they’re not linked to Mohbad’s D€@th” – VeryDarkman

Written by fazazy39

In a recent video, popular influencer Verydarkman has reported that the Nigerian police have concluded their investigation and found Naira Marley and Sam Larry not linked to Mohbad’s death. He also expressed his disapproval of celebrities spreading false narratives and laid curses on them.

Almost two months ago, the rising star Mohbad passed away under unexplainable circumstances on September 12, 2023. There were allegations that his ex-boss, Naira Marley, and Sam Larry might have been involved in his death, leading to their apprehension by the police after a widespread outcry for justice for the singer.

Verydarkman, who had been promoting the narrative that Mohbad’s wife knows more than she is letting on, disclosed that the police have conducted their investigations and found Naira Marley and Sam Larry’s hands to be clean.

Verydarkman expressed his belief that some celebrities had exploited Mohbad’s name for publicity, and he wished that Mohbad’s spirit would not grant them peace.

He also suggested that Mohbad’s wife had many questions to answer, as she was the one closest to him at home, and he alleged that they had consumed drugs together.

Here are some reactions from social media:

Sammienewmanarchi opined: “They used these two guys to divert our attention from asking the real question.”

Ekuapaula said: “Naira Marley & Sam Larry Bullied Mohbad Evidence Plenty … Is Assault Not Offense? They Made The Boy Depressed. What TF Is This Guy Saying?”

rbtthankfull wrote: “That meeting with ChiefPriest, Dav and VDM hmmmm, and also with Tunde Ednut regularly posting VDM. It seems like VDM is getting info from within and controlling the narrative. Private jet sent to pick VDM, hotel payment for 1 year hmmmm.”

Boluwatifee remarked: “Did they really pay this guy? Nothing anyone can tell me.”

paa_pi wrote: “So you mean Naira and Sam Larry would go unpunished for bullying the boy until he became depressed? No problem, you, too, will have to answer, VDM.”

anxious_bubz said: “We watched several videos of how they bullied him, assaulted him, and so on, yet you, VDM, could come out and say no evidence was held against them. Nigeria, my country… Oh Lord, may Nigeria not happen to any one of us. IJN 🙏”

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