Chef Dammy: New set of Church members rain cur$es on her for accu$ing her Pastor

Written by fazazy39

Spiritword members have escalated their followership to a new level by cursing Chef Dammy for accusing their Pastor.

Guinness World Record aspirant, Chef Dammy, has become the target of curses from her church members in the Spiritword global mission on their WhatsApp group. This backlash comes after she called out their Pastor, Adegoke Jeremiah.

One church member from Spiritword church made a video requesting evidence of the accusations made against their Pastor, but it seems that this wasn’t enough. Other church members expressed their anger by sending a barrage of curses to Chef Dammy.

In one of the messages, a member named Peniel wrote:

Out of everyone that has left Spiritword, you’re the dullest of all, the stupidest (if the word exists), the most idiotic one. After everything the pastor has done for you – he clothed you, he fed you, he gave you fame – but this is the stupid way you want to repay him.

I swear you’re mad, you’re crazy. It won’t be well with you, you won’t escape poverty forever. Shebi you still dey trek from admin to your hostel, you go still trek from Ado to Oye. Foolish and insolent idiot. Omo irankiran.”

The pastor has not yet responded to these accusations, as there has been no statement from him since Chef Dammy made the information public.

Watch the detail below;

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