“Na she know wetin her eye see for the marriage”- Lady stir reactions as she throws surprise divorce party for her friend (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a heartwarming gesture, a woman orchestrated a grand divorce celebration for her friend with the aim of bringing joy into her life during a challenging time. Following the divorce proceedings, many individuals grapple with feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Arranging a divorce celebration serves as a beautiful way for friends and family to demonstrate their unwavering support and affection.

This compassionate friend chose to rewrite the narrative, replacing the somber moments of divorce with an atmosphere of happiness and jubilation, acknowledging the emotional journey her friend was undoubtedly going through.

A video that has been circulating online captures the touching event, in which the woman took her friend to a serene location adorned with vibrant red and blue balloons, prominently featuring the word ‘Divorce.’ The decorations also included a wedding banner bearing the names of her friend and her former spouse, along with cherished memories.

The video swiftly gained momentum on various social media platforms, prompting internet users to share their diverse opinions. Some of the reactions include:

  • nickkylawve humorously remarked, “Na she know wetin her eyes see for the marriage wey she dey celebrate 😂😂.”
  • lor_lahh playfully suggested, “Na she know wetin her eyes see for the marriage, so e reach to celebrate abeg 😂.”
  • tk__cf expressed a nuanced view, stating, “It depends oo. If she divorced because she fell out of love, it shouldn’t be celebrated. But if it is a marriage that showed shege Banza pro max, she should celebrate the freedom and peace of mind, biko.”
  • tex_asboss drew an interesting analogy, saying, “If we celebrate death with full competition, I don’t see why anyone who wants to celebrate divorce like this shouldn’t. It’s the death of a phase in her life.”
  • thelagosdivorcelawyer highlighted the cultural aspect, noting, “It actually depends on perspectives. In this part of the world, people don’t see it as a cause for celebration to throw a party! But then it depends on what she went through, sha. Victory is victory!”

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