“I won’t fornicate again” – Slayqueen with radiant look causes stir as she shares transformation after getting pregnant (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The viral video features a Nigerian slayqueen who has become the subject of significant online attention. In the video, she candidly shares the transformation her body underwent during pregnancy, showcasing both her before and after pregnancy appearances.

Initially, in the “before” phase, she radiates with a smooth, fair complexion. However, as she transitions into her pregnancy, her appearance notably changes. Her skin darkens, and she describes it becoming rougher, indicative of the natural changes many women experience during pregnancy.

This video has garnered massive reactions on social media, with users expressing a range of thoughts and opinions on her transformation. It highlights the fascination and curiosity that people have about the various changes that can occur during pregnancy, and how these changes affect individuals differently.

Here are some comments from social media users in response to the video:

  1. bolbelle expressed shock at the “before pregnancy” picture and suggested that the “after pregnancy” look could have been improved with makeup.
  2. tife_omo_balogun humorously commented on the fear of pregnancy affecting one’s beauty.
  3. man.down001 acknowledged the woman’s effort to maintain her appearance during pregnancy.
  4. kiingpettyprincess speculated that the woman might have used filters and makeup in her “before pregnancy” pictures, and questioned the purpose of such videos.
  5. miracleseed4flattummy praised mothers for their efforts.
  6. lifah___ commented on the woman’s apparent fatigue and the look she conveyed.
  7. heleneneoche blessed all mothers and acknowledged the challenges they face.

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