“It Has Been Confirmed That Sam Larry Is The Biological Father Of Liam”– A Woman From Arro Reveals

Written by fazazy39

The Faceless Blogger Gistloverblog shared a video in which a woman claims that Sam Larry, not Mohbad, is Liam’s biological father.

She further explained that Mohbad and Wunmi had conducted a DNA test, which revealed that Mohbad was not the father. However, due to Mohbad’s love for Wunmi, he chose not to abandon the child in favor of Sam Larry.

Post Caption: #JusticeForMohbad – Confirmed: Sam Larry is Liam’s biological father. Mohbad and Wunmi conducted a DNA test in Dubai before his passing, with confirmation. Multiple parties have copies of the result, including Sam Larry, Wunmi, Mohbad, and Naira Marley. A Nigerian Aro patient confirms in a video.

Watch the video below.

Social Media Reactions:

Safety_fblink: She’s incoherent, probably missed her medication last night. Let’s blame the nurses at Yaba.

Petite_barde: Nigerian police, please arrest this woman; they need to make an example of someone.

Adufe_ade_12: This Nigeria is nonsense, God. We are seeking justice, and this woman comes out saying Liam is not Mohbad’s son? Is Mohbad a fool? If he knew the child wasn’t his, why didn’t he send them away when he was still alive? You just want to put all the blame on this girl, his wife.

Treasure_world77: Why are women doing this? If a man said this, it wouldn’t hurt me as much, but coming from a woman who knows the pain of being a young widow.

I.tobiloba: This seems like a strategy to divert Nigerians’ attention. It won’t work. This lady should be questioned since she claims to know so much.

My.mkido: How can someone locate people like this and deal with them mercilessly? I won’t let people like this go. The way I would handle her, that’s clout chasing or what?

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