“You Never See Money Before In Your Life”- People Dr@g Man That Flaunts Cash He Picked At Wizkid Mother’s Burial.

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man gained widespread attention on TikTok after he shared a video from Wizkid’s mother’s funeral.

In the video, he can be seen unabashedly picking up money from the ground. Upon returning home with the collected cash, he proudly displayed the stacks of N500 notes he had gathered, eliciting various reactions from netizens.

The man proudly displayed bundles of N500 notes he collected at Wizkid’s mother’s funeral in a subsequent video posted on his page. In the clip, he exclaimed,

When I started picking money, Wizkid was spraying. Agba picker. I picked plenty,

showcasing his earnings.

The video of the man displaying the cash he obtained from Wizkid’s mother’s funeral has sparked various reactions on social media. Users have shared their thoughts:

  • @auntyajile commented, “What you did is okay, but I wouldn’t date someone like this in my life.”
  • said, “I swear, if I were there, I’d pick money until my hands hurt. Money was just everywhere.”
  • @obeylee_ wrote, “If I were there, I’d buy fufu, put it in my pocket, walk around, and keep replacing it with fresh fufu.”
  • @bithiah21 suggested, “We are proud of you, but next time, focus on dollars, not naira. Maybe they didn’t have spare dollars there.”
  • @prettyabekeade added, “Come and see our big brother. This is what we know how to do at parties. We don’t act like big shots.” Read more: [Link to the article on]

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