“Why I agreed to record our $3x moment” Moyo Lawal sheds light on her l€@ked t@p€, drops b0mbshell

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Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has shared more details about her leaked video with her ex-fiancé. Last month, a video of her in an intimate moment with a man circulated on social media. On her Instagram, Moyo disclosed that she only had sexual relations twice last year, and one of those instances resulted in the leaked video.

She acknowledged that she agreed to film the video because her ex-fiancé lived outside Nigeria, and they were planning to get married. However, the relationship ended due to communication issues and the distance between them. Moyo revealed that she tends to put her life on hold for the men she dates.

She emphasized that she’s ready to share her side of the story, and she pointed out that appearances can be deceiving, especially when it comes to quiet and non-confrontational individuals. Moyo also mentioned that she has made sacrifices in her dating life, including turning down numerous offers and spending much of her adult life alone.

In her post, she expressed her hope to become more carefree and outgoing, as facing challenges has made her stronger and led to personal growth.

Naijalegit recently reported an incident involving Moyo Lawal, who faced severe online backlash after a private video was leaked, with many criticizing her for allowing someone to record it, given the history of such leaks among celebrities. In response, Moyo Lawal issued a public statement, clarifying that the person in the video was her ex-fiance. She also threatened legal action, asserting that the video’s release occurred without her consent, violating her privacy and trust.

Several colleagues, including Mary Njoku, Uche Maduagwu, and Prince Eke, weighed in on the situation. Mary Njoku criticized the tendency to blame the victims in these cases, while Uche Maduagwu called for the suspension of Moyo Lawal by the AGN (Actors’ Guild of Nigeria). Prince Eke questioned whether any brands would want to associate with her.

Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo also got involved and made strong allegations against Moyo Lawal. She claimed that the man in the video, Mr. Saheed Olasunkanmi, was not Moyo Lawal’s boyfriend or fiance, and she alleged that Moyo Lawal paid him as a gigolo to film the video. Kemi Olunloyo further suggested that Mr. Saheed had also been paid by two other Nollywood actresses to film similar videos.

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