“God Of Wonder, My son passed last year October, my wife gave birth to twins this year October” – Davido shares details about newborn

Written by fazazy39

In a recent statement, Nigerian artist Davido shared a touching story about his life. He revealed that his wife, Chioma, welcomed twins in October, and he had lost a son in the same month the previous year.

He highlighted the importance of having faith and not giving up, considering the miracle of twins being born in October just a year after losing his son. In his own words,

When my wife and I found out, we were shaking, and it was in the same month. My son passed last year in October, and my wife gave birth this year in October, so it’s crazy.” This heartfelt revelation led to a wave of reactions from concerned fans and well-wishers in the comments section.Mimah: “

For those of you mentioning IVF, did you catch the part where he said, ‘When my wife and I found out’?”

@Sneezy4Sure2: “This perfectly fits the song ‘Come see what the Lord has done.’ @davido, congratulations, you are a living testimony.”

princessigbudu: “God is great! These little ones are under Jehovah’s protection. Congratulations to Davido and Chioma.”

mamisgirl: “I believe now that Davido lost his son. May his soul rest in peace, and congratulations to both of you. May God protect the twins.”

𝒩𝒾𝒸𝑜𝓁𝑒: “God is incredibly good! I’m genuinely thrilled for them. Huge congratulations.”

Dinah Anorh: “I just love hearing him say ‘my wife.’ Congratulations.”

olawoyeyinks: “Congratulations, Baba Ibeji. May it be permanent in Jesus’ name.”



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