“He has started again, he can’t keep his family matter private” – Davido sl@mmed over recent interview

Written by fazazy39

A social media critic strongly criticizes the renowned Afrobeat singer, Davido Adeleke, for his recent interview in which he discussed his family and the recent arrival of his twins.

It’s worth noting that rumors about the couple welcoming twins, precisely a year after the loss of their son, Ifeanyi, had been circulating until video evidence confirmed the birth.

During a recent interview, Davido discussed the shock of discovering their newborn, underscoring the emotional weight of losing Ifeanyi Adeleke in the same month as welcoming their twins.

However, a concerned critic expressed disapproval of the singer for once again bringing his family matters into the public eye, urging him to prioritize maintaining a private life.

The critic commented, “Davido can’t seem to keep his family life private. He’s back with interviews. I pray that God grants you the wisdom to manage your family affairs. Congratulations to both of you.”

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