“No body knows the struggles”- Reactions as Saidi Balogun shares deep note

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Yoruba actor Saidi Balogun has shared a profound message on his Instagram page, eliciting reactions from his fans.

Saidi Balogun emphasized that individuals who harbor ill will only tend to recognize problems because they are unaware of the private struggles one faces.

He acknowledged those who may feel their strength waning due to a perceived lack of love and support but then find solace in a loved one who appreciates them.

“No one knows the struggle. All they recognize is trouble. The strength to carry on crumbles when it seems no one loves you, but then God sends that special one that loves you REGARDLESS.”

Saidi Balogun’s message resonated positively with his fans, and they responded with expressions of love and support.

Akinyele Omowura commented, “no one knows the struggle.”

One Tobiano wrote, “Hmmmm, wise words, sir. Your wisdom will not crumble, sir.”

Previously, Saidi Balogun had penned a heartfelt message to Money, expressing his desire for it to stay with him and his fans, and dismissing the notion that money is the root of all evil. He urged money to join him, receiving support from his fans.

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