“Olamide Shun me, Davido and Wizkid promised me songs, till now I never see anything – Portable cries out

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, known by his stage name Portable, recently shared in a video his experiences with artists like Olamide, Wizkid, and Davido.

He disclosed how Olamide didn’t respond to his messages and how both Wizkid and Davido didn’t follow through with the verses they had promised. These revelations came in the midst of an ongoing dispute with his signed artist, Young Duu.

Elaborating on his situation, Portable disclosed that he’s been making efforts to advance his career and even using his own resources to assist others, but unfortunately, the support isn’t reciprocated.

In his own words: “Here I am, still seeking someone to sign me, to lend a helping hand, while I use what I have to aid all of you, but it seems that such efforts are not appreciated.”

Addressing his fans, he emphasized: “Take Olamide, for example, he once helped me, but have you seen me repeatedly begging Olamide? When I need to reach out to him, I do so without burdening him because he’s been my benefactor, and I don’t wish to jeopardize that. Pestering your benefactors can lead to them disliking you.”

Every day, I don’t go begging Olamide (Baddo). I’m not begging for handouts. He didn’t purchase a car for me; I bought it with my own means.

Regarding Nigerian celebrities, he added: “How many celebrities have showcased me on their platforms? I find myself promoting my own work. I reached out to Olamide for a remix, but he didn’t respond.”

“Davido pledged to collaborate with me, but I never saw it happen. Wizkid made a promise, but there was no follow-through.”

These revelations sparked discussions and comments from the public on the post, as they shared their perspectives on Portable’s situation.

Here are some reactions from individuals:

realyusfaith: “Some people didn’t listen to the video carefully; the guy acknowledges that Olamide helped him, but he took it from there and helped himself.”

none.existence245: “This guy often makes sense, but his delivery can be problematic.”

sq_owolewa: “Crazy! It was that initial help from Olamide that got you to where you are today. Without him, who would you be?”

officialayis: “I’m pretty sure Davido will come through with a verse next week. But Wizkid won’t because he knows himself. He’s not easily fooled.”

ski_dammie: “Stop pretending. They genuinely helped you, but you stress out people you’ve helped. Today, it’s Youngii Duu, tomorrow you’ll drag Abuga, whom you’re praising today.”

man_nobegod83: “I admire his courage and believe that one day he’ll release a song with Wizkid and Davido; it’s just a matter of time. God will answer all our prayers based on belief.”

just_standtall: “Who wants to help a madman who insults his benefactor? The one who helped you has expired.”

lucas_ugoh: “It’s evident. When someone provides you with a platform, do your best to promote yourself and keep working hard, without getting lost in entitlement.”

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