My ex-manager build her house with my money and later Dropped me- Ramota alleged

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Famous Nigerian actress Ramota Adetu, commonly known as Aunty Ramota, recently made a shocking revelation during her visit to Pastor Agbala Gabriel at his church in Ibadan.

In an emotionally charged disclosure, Aunty Ramota accused her former manager of financial betrayal, asserting that this manager had absconded with her hard-earned money, which was subsequently used to build a personal house.

Previously, she had reached out to Pastor Agbala Gabriel and her fans, seeking support to complete the house that her late mother had started. As a result, she was invited by the pastor to his church for a fundraising event.

Aunty Ramota’s visit to Pastor Agbala Gabriel served not only as a plea for assistance but also as an opportunity to share her distressing ordeal. During her visit, she revealed the alleged wrongdoing of her former manager, who, according to her, had misappropriated her financial resources.

You can watch her speak in the video below for more details.

Naijalegit had previously unveiled the identity of the woman caring for the petite actress Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota.

The announcement was made via Aunty Ramota’s Instagram account, introducing Omolara as the individual responsible for looking after Aunty Ramota’s well-being.

In the post, netizens were encouraged to show appreciation for this kind-hearted lady. The message read as follows:

“Meet OMOLARA, the lady who has been taking care of our beloved Aunty Ramota. Please, let’s take a moment to express our gratitude to this lady. It’s not an easy task to care for Aunty Ramota. This lady has endured numerous insults and been called all sorts of names by people, but she continues to give her best to Aunty Ramota. And not just her, but also her mother, whom we all know as Mummy Jay.

Let’s show our appreciation, as many of us can recall how Aunty Ramota looked before compared to her current, beautiful appearance 😍. Omolara, we say thank you for everything, and may God continue to bless you ❤️.”


In response to the post, netizens flocked to the comment section to celebrate the wonderful lady, Omolara, for her acts of kindness and her beautiful heart.

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