“Mohbad’s wife has refuses to pick my calls or show me the DNA results” – Man who vowed to give N10M if DNA result is true claims

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Certainly. The situation involves a businessman who had made a substantial financial commitment to Mohbad’s wife, contingent on a DNA test confirming that the singer’s son, Liam, was his biological child. In recent developments, this businessman claims that he has encountered difficulties in communicating with Mohbad’s wife.

First, he stated that she has been unresponsive to his phone calls. This could signify a breakdown in communication or reluctance on her part to engage in discussions related to the DNA test and its implications.

Second, the businessman asserts that no DNA test was conducted, contrary to what was widely believed. This casts doubt on the entire situation, as it suggests that the basis for their agreement may be invalidated. It also raises questions about the authenticity of any claims made regarding the DNA test.

Finally, the businessman brought up concerns about the DNA samples used in the test. He questioned the origin of the late singer’s DNA sample and whether Mohbad’s wife had indeed provided her own DNA sample for comparison. This indicates a potential lack of transparency or verification in the DNA testing process.

In summary, the businessman’s statements suggest a complex and potentially contentious situation involving promises, communication issues, doubts about the DNA test, and questions about the test’s validity and procedures. The situation remains unclear and subject to further investigation.

Naijalegit previously reported that Michael Charles, also known as OGB Recent, a close associate of the late singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, professionally known as MohBad, has disclosed the results of a DNA test conducted on the late singer’s son, Liam.

In a post that OGB Recent shared on an unspecified platform, he announced that the DNA test unequivocally established MohBad as the biological father of his son. Accompanying this announcement, he posted a picture of the late MohBad with his son and captioned it with, “DNA test confirms MohBad is the father of his son. IMOLE 💡.”

You can view the post below for more details.

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