Samklef responds after receiving criticism from Davido for sharing a video of his twins with Chioma in the USA.

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian music producer, Samklef, responded on social media after receiving a backlash from the prominent singer, Davido, for sharing a video of his twins with Chioma in the United States.

The online buzz around Davido and Chioma intensified when Samklef posted a video on his Instagram account, capturing the couple leaving the US hospital with their newborn twins. The footage featured Davido’s father’s arrival at the Atlanta Hospital in the USA in his luxurious Bentley car.

Nonetheless, Davido expressed his strong dissatisfaction with the way Samklef had posted the video without his consent, leading to a heated exchange where he sternly requested its removal.

Davido’s frustration was evident in his words: “Delete, please. You are a malicious person. Just seeking attention. You know you shouldn’t have posted this. What the heck.”

In response to Davido’s criticism, Samklef clarified that Davido had initially believed he was responsible for leaking the video to the public. However, Samklef explained that he had obtained the video from Twitter, where it was publicly available. He went on to emphasize that he and Davido had resolved the issue, and he wished blessings upon Davido’s home and family.

Samklef’s response: “Me and @davido are on good terms. Initially, Davido thought I was the one who leaked the video after our private conversation. However, I clarified that I obtained the video from the public domain on Twitter. Sending blessings to your home and family.”

See screenshot of Samklef post below;

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