“Keep Shining”— Actor Kunle Afod celebrates his son as he clocks a new age

Written by fazazy39

Actor Kunle Afod celebrates his son as he marks another year of life. Kunle Afod, a renowned Nigerian actor, took to his social media to commemorate his son’s birthday. Sharing a heartfelt message on his Instagram account, Kunle expressed his joy on this special occasion.

In his post, Kunle Afod celebrated his son’s new age and sent his best wishes, expressing his love and pride as a father. The post was accompanied by a lovely photo of the actor and his son, showcasing the bond they share.

This celebratory message from Kunle Afod to his son marks a significant milestone in the young one’s life, making it a heartwarming moment for the family and their fans.

As reported earlier, Kunle Afod, the actor, has taken to social media to share a series of stunning photos of himself as he anticipates his 50th birthday celebration. In these pictures, Kunle reflects on life’s moments and expressions and expresses his gratitude for all that God has done in his life.

Kunle Afod is preparing for a grand 50th birthday celebration, and to mark the occasion, he has promised to share 50 lovely pictures of himself. These photos are a way of acknowledging the significance of the upcoming milestone in his life.

With his heartfelt message and the collection of images, Kunle Afod is sharing his journey and his gratitude for reaching this remarkable age. His 50th birthday, scheduled for the 24th of October, 2023, is an event that holds special meaning for the actor.

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