“When you chill with my enemies, you’re also my enemy” – Portable speaks on why he parted ways with his signee Young Duu (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The controversial music sensation, Portable, has shed light on the reasons behind his decision to terminate the contract with his signee, Young Duu.

Lately, the entertainment world has been abuzz with discussions about the split between the CEO of Zeh Nation and his much-hyped protege, Young Duu.

During a live session, Portable revealed that the primary factor for parting ways with Young Duu was the lack of respect shown towards him.

He expressed his feeling of being taken advantage of by Young Duu on multiple occasions while guiding him as an artist.

Portable went on to highlight that Young Duu’s associations with his enemies contributed to his decision, as he felt that Young Duu had aligned himself with those against him. Watch the video below for more insights.

The comment section was flooded with social media users expressing their thoughts on the matter. Here are some of the reactions:

@johnjotta_18 emphasized, “Being open is better than hiding things until they become bigger issues.”

@snzzybaby was skeptical, commenting, “His reasons don’t seem genuine.”

@ShayauAbdoul predicted, “This guy’s career won’t last, I swear.”

@Pwavi_Vulcan kept it simple, stating, “None of you are in your right minds.”

@ree_rehanat showed support, declaring, “Portable is my greatest of all time (GOAT).”

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