“Keep Tormenting Your Killers” – Nigerians Express Emotional Reactions as They Mark One Month Since Mohbad’s Death

Written by fazazy39

One month has come and gone since the sudden and untimely demise of the Nigerian artist Mohbad, and the absence of his vibrant presence continues to cast a somber shadow over his fans and admirers.

The artist, known by his birth name, OlaDimeji, tragically departed from our world on September 12, 2023, leaving behind a void not only in the Nigerian music industry but also in the hearts of those who held his talent and charisma dear.

In commemoration of this poignant one-month anniversary, social media platforms have become a gathering place for netizens to share their grief, express heartfelt tributes, and take time to reflect upon the indelible mark that Mohbad’s music and personality have made in their lives. His memory endures, and his impact lives on through the enduring legacy he has left behind.


theladytoyah expressed, “We know they’ve taken you locally because the evidence is clear. But if God didn’t want you with Him, it wouldn’t have worked for you, or maybe He let you miss the show. God truly desires you to depart from this cold world because your heart is too pure for it. Bless the angels with your incredible vocals, Oba Imole. Rest in PARADISE, Omo Toluwa.”

gettingjust47 added, “May those responsible for your death never escape punishment.”

qui_est_giwa extended heartfelt wishes, saying, “Happy 6 months also to Liam. Rest in Imole. Shine on, Liam.”

hef_hem4 expressed, “Nigeria has not done justice for this guy. 999 Imole, we apologize for not lending our ears when you needed us.”

richie.wellz said, “Rest in peace, Moh. And don’t forget to torment your killers. They’ve refused to reveal the autopsy results since you left.”

superstar_rozay001 shared, “WICKED WORLD, WICKED PEOPLE, WICKED SOULS. REST ON, CHAMP. Drop an emoji for Mohbad.”

Ewatomi.xx poured out her feelings, “Dear OlaDimeji, life is so difficult without you. Could you please just come back? Don’t let this be the end of your story. Please, just come back. I want to tell you how your death shook the whole world. I want to tell you how your passing shed light on many truths we didn’t know about these so-called celebrities. Just come back first. If you don’t come back, I’ll tell you, Lord, please have mercy. Do this. It’s so hard to move on without him.”

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