“It’s More 3 hours already, she still dey pray for me” – Spyro gifts his mother a car days after buying a house

Written by fazazy39

In a heartwarming moment, we witness the joyful dance of an up-and-coming singer, Spyro’s mother as she receives the gift of a brand-new car from her son.

Just a few days ago, the singer, renowned for his hit track “Who is Your Guy,” also purchased a multimillionaire house for himself.

Spyro cleverly enticed his mother to his home under the pretense of needing her assistance for his upcoming album, only to astonish her with a car gift.

On his Instagram page, the singer posted a video of his delighted and proud mother, highlighting the careful planning that went into this special moment.

“I bought a beautiful gift for the ONLY FINE GIRL I KNOW 😍. I told her to come over, saying I needed her help with my album. She had no clue 😁 … and in shock, she asked if I remembered when I was a baby and I told her I would buy her this kind of car … I can’t even remember saying such, though.

It’s the way she pulled out anointing oil for me, though 😂, it’s a default setting 😁. CONGRATS MOMMA … love you now and forever …

She’s still praying as I type this now, somebody save me 😂. It’s been 2 hours already 🤦🏾‍♂️,” he wrote.

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