“Erekere Why You Go Steæl Aunty Temmy Konmu”— Fans Dr@g Erekere,Advise Him On Why He His Spoiiling Their Family Name (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

The popular comedian known as Thepastorpikin, often referred to as Erekere, has posted a video featuring actress Temitope Aremu. In the video, actress Temitope Aremu calls on Erekere to address his behavior in the neighborhood.

Erekere promptly responds that he will make changes and acknowledges that her words have struck a chord with him. He expresses a desire to find a place to reflect and sheds a few tears while sitting alone.

As Erekere was preparing to leave, he managed to discreetly take Temitope’s bra while she was speaking to him. Temitope was left in utter surprise, wondering how he had removed her bra without her noticing.

The post is humorously captioned: “Adviser 😂😂😂😂 Watch The Video Below.”

Check out the social media reactions to the situation:

  • Kira_taiwo: What’s our last name? 😂😂😂 This guy is not right.
  • Theministerslim: They’re just playing. Erekere, you’ll face the consequences; you don’t mess with family or friends 😂😂😂😂.
  • Damie347: Oh God 😂😂😂 Erekere has reached your side, My Superstar.
  • Rabolcakes_event: Erekere, you even stole my sister’s bra @temitopearemuofficial 😂😂😂.
  • Tollzkid_chaser: Erekere, why did you steal Aunty Temmy’s bra? 😂.
  • Hamzatly21: 😮😮 Soon he’ll change, he won’t steal everything when he gets married, and then he won’t steal anymore 😂😂.

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