“Arowoshadini/slay queen, where’s your scarf”- Fans Dr@g as Mercy Aigbe steps out with uncovered hair shortly after she bagged Islamic title

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe recently sparked mixed reactions among her fans and followers when she was seen in public without a head covering, just hours after receiving the Islamic title “Arowoshadini.”

Mercy Aigbe had been honored with the title “Arowoshadini” by an Islamic foundation. However, shortly after the ceremony, she shared a video of herself departing for the USA.

She captioned the video with, “City Gurl 😍😍 ATL was goan? Your gurl is in town 😁😍❤️ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 home for a couple of weeks holla if you want me to come to the city 🤣😁.”

In the video, she appeared in public without a headscarf, which is typically considered an integral part of modest Islamic attire. You can view the video in the original post.

The actress’s actions triggered a range of reactions from her fans and followers on social media.

One fan humorously commented, “Alhaja Minah with the H where’s the scarf 🤗.”

Another person quipped, “Arowoshadini who doesn’t pray 5 times daily solah 😂 Nigeria.”

And yet another person playfully remarked, “Arowoshadini/slay queen 😂.”

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