“Mohbad Is Still Alive And I Met Him In Ikorodu, I Can Prove It”— Nigerian Woman Reveals Mohbad Is Now In Ikorodu Reveal Location Online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

In a comical video, an unidentified woman shared that Mohbad, the late singer, is currently residing in Ikorodu.

This amusing revelation was featured in a video posted on the Instagram account of the renowned blogger Gistlover. In the video, the woman disclosed that Mohbad is very much alive and is currently residing in Ikorodu.

Furthermore, the woman shared an anecdote about how she informed Mohbad that her mother had rejected the new car he purchased, to which he responded by questioning why her mother had done so.

She continued to share that Mohbad had confided in her, stating that Sam Larry had not paid him any money for any show; it was all a setup.

Post Caption: In a 2-minute video, a disturbed woman claims, “I saw Mohbad in Ikorodu a few days ago, and he said his mother is part of the people that killed him. He also said Liam is not his son.”

Dear @nigeriapoliceforce, this case is taking an intriguing turn. Kindly invite this woman for questioning; she seems to know Mohbad’s whereabouts in Ikorodu and can lead us to him. Thank you.

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  1. The_bimboakinsanya: Why are you all engaging in this? It’s unfair, not fair to the parents, and certainly not fair to the young widow 😥, especially in the Yoruba community? This nonsense has gone too far, mtcheeww.
  2. Seun_dreams: There’s a fine line between foolish content and finding yourself leading morning prayers with fellow inmates in prison 🤷🏿.
  3. Swags_omoluabi: If the Nigeria Police were really doing their job, they should arrest all these people and use one as a scapegoat, at least.
  4. Temms.esho: It’s a shame how people are exploiting this situation for their own gain 😢😢! Facebook folks have found their meal ticket; they won’t let this matter rest anytime soon.
  5. Mz_shankee: I said “Mohbad,” and he responded with “Imole” 😂😂😂. I guess security isn’t tight in Yaba Left.

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