Veteran actor Apinni Oosa calls out Seyi Tinubu for not appreciating his efforts during 2023 election(watch)

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actor Ganiyu Nafiu, also known as Apinni Oosa, has taken to social media to express his disappointment with Seyi Tinubu, the son of Nigeria’s president, for not acknowledging his efforts during the 2023 election.

In a video shared on his official Instagram page, a man congratulated Apinni Oosa on the increase in the new minimum wages.

In response, Apinni Oosa voiced his frustration, questioning why he should celebrate something he won’t benefit from. He revealed that he had dedicated nearly two months to campaigning for Tinubu and the APC, walking the streets tirelessly. However, he expressed disappointment that neither Seyi Tinubu, the son of the president, nor the APC governor, nor Tinubu himself had recognized his efforts.

Part of his statement read: “Is that why you’re congratulating me? Am I a government worker? I spent almost two months walking on the road, campaigning for Tinubu and the APC. His son, Seyi Tinubu, never gave me attention to appreciate our effort. We know Tinubu is busy, but what about the APC governor? Despite all the curses I received during the campaign, Seyi Tinubu refused to recognize me.”

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