“Return The Car I Bought For You Immediately, you Get Badluck” – Portable slams signee Young Duu as WhatsApp conversation leaks online

Written by fazazy39

Controversial Nigerian singer Portable has demanded that his signee, Yung Duu, return the Honda he purchased for him, citing the artist as a source of bad luck.

This recent development came to light through a leaked WhatsApp conversation between Portable and Yung Duu.

In the conversation, Portable strongly criticized his signee, insisting that Yung Duu return the car to Zeh Nation, claiming ownership of the vehicle. Yung Duu responded by explaining that the car was currently experiencing issues, with the Honda’s window unable to roll down.

Portable accused Yung Duu of ingratitude and hypocrisy, pointing out that Yung Duu failed to acknowledge the Mercedes-Benz he purchased for another signee, Abuga. Portable also stated that Yung Duu needed prayers and claimed that he lost his car on the same day he bought a Honda for Yung Duu.

This exchange reflects the ongoing tension and discord within the music label.

See the WhatsApp conversation below (swipe to view more);

Here are some reactions to the situation:

obaksolo: “Wow, Youngyduu should just return the car calmly. It’s better to have peace than be tagged. Portable will calm down soon; I’m sure he’s listening to people who don’t like YoungyDu.”

iam_ennypara: “The boss said to use the car to take girls around, but you park the car at home and use a bike to Zazu Bar. You don’t know the boss wants everyone to have a car at my bar. Boss, have mercy on YoungyDu.”

im_dapiz: “Whoever helps you should never stress you, now you’re stressing the poor boy 😂.”

iam_seyigold: “The car has PROBLEMS 😂😂😂. Why did Portable buy a Honda for someone who is still struggling?”

jumaatson: “Lol… May our joy not end in tears… Portable tried to help this guy, but he just doesn’t have music in him. Maybe he should try making skits.”

iam_mykriss_: “It’s a label car, not your car 😂😂😂. Dear upcoming artists, make sure you have your own things and package yourself a bit before signing any deal so the label boss won’t look down on you.”

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