Veteran actor Femi Ogedegbe is celebrating his wife’s achievement as she becomes a certified nurse in the USA.

Written by fazazy39

American-based veteran actor Femi Ogedegbe took to social media to celebrate his wife’s latest achievement as she becomes a certified Nurse in the USA.

In his heartfelt post, he expressed his pride and joy in her accomplishment, describing it as the best birthday gift ever. He praised her for being his dedicated partner through thick and thin, comparing their relationship to the bond between Ali and Frazer in their final trilogy. Femi Ogedegbe acknowledged that while they both have flaws, he wouldn’t want anyone else by his side.

He celebrated Nurse Nkechi Ogedegbe for her hard work and dedication, expressing his belief in her future success in her nursing career.

Here’s to you, Nurse Nkechi Ogedegbe, for your incredible achievement and dedication. May this be the start of many more successful moments in your career. Congratulations, Nurse Nkechi Ogedegbe! 💃 🕺 💃 🕺 💃 🕺 🕺 🕺 💃 💃 🕺 💃 🕺 🕺 🕺 💃 💃 🕺

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