Police PRO Ademuyiwa addresses the reasons why Naira Marley and Sam Larry may be held accountable for Mohbad’s situation in a video statement.

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In a recent viral video on social media, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), sheds light on the potential responsibility of Naira Marley and Sam Larry for Mohbad’s tragic passing. Adejobi discusses the injuries sustained by the late Mohbad and how those responsible for causing them could be held liable for his unfortunate demise.

Recall the instance when a photograph surfaced online, revealing a noticeable scar on the late singer’s abdomen. Even though the scar had fully healed, it remained a testament to what seemed to be a substantial injury.

In October 2022, a disturbing video emerged online, depicting Mohbad in a battered state after reportedly being severely assaulted at Marlian’s residence, bearing visible bruises all over his body. The video documented his subsequent hospitalization, where he received medical treatment through intravenous drips.

In the same year, 2023, Mohbad made a distressing revelation, expressing concerns for his safety. He asserted that if anything were to happen to him, the blame should be placed on Naira Marley and Marlian Music, implying they posed a threat to his life.

Furthermore, an additional video showed Sam Larry engaging in aggressive and abusive behavior towards Mohbad while he was still alive, sparking significant reactions online.

Police PRO Ademuyiwa highlights the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the extent of the injuries plays a crucial role in determining the severity of the offense. He further elaborates that causing bodily harm carries more severe legal consequences than assault.

Ademuyiwa explains that if an individual engages in a physical altercation, resulting in injury to another person, and that person succumbs to the injuries within a year and a day, the law attributes responsibility to those who inflicted the harm, unless a post-mortem examination suggests otherwise.

For more details, please watch the accompanying video.

Here are some reactions from social media:

  • mosunmolaenis: “God, please continue to expose them and bring the wicked to justice 🙏🏾.”
  • gbemmyysola: “I’m sure the autopsy will say otherwise… God will save us in this country.”
  • _victrice: “Sam Larry is a political thug and their ally. Only street justice can handle Sam Larry’s matter.”
  • kennyshittu_infinity20: “Why do some bloggers attach unrelated statements? This statement was made about four months ago, not related to Mohbad’s case. Stop deceiving us. After all, you will still see these two individuals freely walking on Lagos roads.”
  • iamchiomah_: “Now, in light of this, watch how they will use the autopsy report to clear Naira Marley and Sam Larry.”
  • nwafor729: “What pains me is that Yoruba people often shout online, and that’s it… How can a ‘suspect’ turn into an ‘investigator,’ and Yoruba people are just shouting online? I pray Mohbad gets justice.”

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