“They Just Come To Eat For My Party” – 70-year-old woman who chased guests without Asoebi out of her party apologizes, shares reasons (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a surprising turn of events, a 70-year-old woman named Alhaja Oluwatoyin Bucknor has issued a heartfelt apology to the guests who attended her birthday party.

Alhaja Oluwatoyin Bucknor gained widespread attention on the internet when she made headlines for requesting that individuals who did not purchase Asoebi attire be excluded from her celebration.

Clearly reflecting on her previous actions, she expressed regret and addressed the situation during the same event. She acknowledged that many guests had disregarded the specific instructions outlined on her birthday invitation card.

The invitation card left no room for ambiguity, outlining strict guidelines for admission to her birthday gathering. It explicitly read, “Kindly refrain from sharing Aso-ebi to avoid being denied entry. No access card, no entry. Please only occupy a chair if your name is listed at the table to prevent any potential embarrassment.”

The card concluded with the explanation, “These measures are in place due to the limited capacity of the venue.”

These clear instructions were designed to ensure an orderly and well-organized event, as conveyed in the invitation card’s contents.

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